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Do you know the form of hymen? What is the significance of its existence?
In fact, everyone has a lot of opinions and opinions about the hymen. After all, this natural barrier that grows in a woman's vagina often means that you are in a sexual situation, and many people's emotional aspects will also be directly affected. This thing affects, then, do you know what the hymen looks and looks like? What effect and significance does its existence have on men and women?

Do you know the form of hymen? What is the significance of its existence?

1. The appearance and morphology of the film

From the location of the hymen, it is a barrier from the vaginal opening and your internal genitals. It looks like an obstacle and surrounds your vaginal opening. Moreover, it is also a fleshy thin film, and the middle part will also carry Holding a small mouth. In terms of its morphology, this film turned out to be a relatively regular symmetrical shape. Remember, there are differences in each woman's hymen hole, and the shape will be a little different. Some of them are large enough to accommodate the width of a finger, but others are super small, which are like pinholes.

2. Physiological effects

In fact, for women, the existence of this hymen has a small impact on the body, it is just a hindrance. From the perspective of gynecology alone, it seems to be a barrier that can reduce some external things directly into the woman's vagina and reduce the occurrence of some gynecological diseases, but in fact, this role in blocking disease Super weak. In addition, it will hinder women's examination methods and methods in some gynecological diseases. In addition, treatment will also be limited due to the presence of this membrane.

3. Sexuality

From the perspective of women's sex, the existence of this membrane is even more of an obstacle. When you have sex, if the other person's genitals want to enter your vagina, then the first test is necessarily to break through this membrane. Obstacles, so this is what has been called the woman's first night or first statement. Only when this membrane is broken, it means that you really have a sexual life and experience. But in fact, many other situations will break this film, so this film is very fragile.

4. Break the hymen

If you want to break this hymen in the first sex, this requires the cooperation of both men and women. Men need to take a patient attitude to slowly caress and try to enter, while women are Need to be able to endure the pain of being stung for the first time. Many times it is the first time that it is particularly painful, and it brings a bad psychological impact on a woman's sex. Therefore, when the hymen is broken, you still need a good attitude.

That's right, a woman's hymen is actually just an obstacle to her own physiology and sex. You don't need to take it seriously.

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