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Improve the kissing stimulus, pay attention to these tips!
The most basic expression of love between ordinary men and women is kissing, and kissing is the most basic and foremost in many foreplays of sex. If you want to make this step extreme and exciting, then the key is to master A few tips on mouth-to-mouth kissing are good.

Improve the kissing stimulus, pay attention to these tips!

1. Open your mouth from small to large

Generally, when kissing, it is necessary to have a change in emotional tone. If you open your mouth to be particularly large at the beginning, not only does it seem that you are particularly uncontrollable, but it is also very indecent. Your price will drop. You can open your mouth slightly to ensure that the warmth in your mouth can be transmitted to the other person ’s lips. When your kisses gradually increase in irritation, you can freely adjust your His mouth was wide open.

2. Changeable posture

In fact, the stimulating feeling of kissing is often achieved by some gestures. You can adjust the position of your head during kissing to constantly change the position of your mouth. For example, if you want to kiss each other ’s mouth, Then, your head needs to be tilted to one side. If you want to kiss the other's tongue, then you must face your head directly. All kinds of kissing postures can bring different feelings to people. When kissing, if the time is longer, then the posture must be changed.

3. Match your hands

In fact, it ’s not enough to just touch the other side with your mouth. The stimulus is not enough. You can also add some movements of your hands appropriately. For example, you can clasp the other's head with both hands. With such a little strength, you can make your The kiss was deeper. You can also touch each other's back, neck, face, etc. with your hands. These parts are sensitive enough, and in conjunction with your kissing action, then you must be able to heat up your body instantly.

When kissing, you need to gradually improve the sense of irritation, so do n’t stay in the air while kissing, perform various actions, and various techniques can be changed.

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