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Sexual indifference needs to find the reason, three ways to find out the root cause!
For husbands and wives, many times your love does not have much affection for each other, and more often you are physically harmonious with each other. Among them, when a woman has a cold sex, it will also make you physiological. Disharmony is too much for normal life. Remember, we must find the root cause to restrain this discord.

Sexual indifference needs to find the reason, three ways to find out the root cause!

1. Emotional abnormality

Many women are emotionally indifferent because of emotional stimuli. For example, when you know that your man is infected with other women, you will feel him “dirty” emotionally, so, You will gradually feel resentment and disgust towards the particularly private intimacy between husband and wife. This kind of emotional apathy is actually the most serious one. Only emotionally conditioning and repairing each other Relationships can reduce this degree of indifference.

2. Physiological abnormalities

When a woman's physical condition is not good enough, especially your gynecological physiology, there are abnormal disease conditions, then it will inevitably affect your desire for sex. Among them, those more tortured gynecological diseases will bring double negative effects on women's physical and psychological aspects, and make women's sexual desire constantly discounted. Therefore, once you find that you have any abnormal signals from the gynecology department, you need to do a good job of timely investigation and prevention and treatment in order to reduce the coldness of sex.

3. Abnormal diet

When a woman has any abnormal conditions in diet, it will directly affect your endocrine and hormone status, especially when your estrogen and progesterone are relatively low, you will have no desire for sex and idea. Remember, if you want to improve your sexual situation, you can actively pay attention to and pay attention to your diet to see if your diet is not conducive to your internal physiological condition. If so, then it is appropriate to change the diet. Already.

In fact, most of the women's sexual apathy is that the three aspects are the root cause. If you can detect the abnormality directly from the root cause, then the improvement of sexual apathy is also very sure.

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