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What's wrong with abdominal pain after a woman's sex? There may be four reasons for this!
Many women in life want to ask why abdominal pain occurs after sex? Is it a cause of the disease or is it a problem? Do you know what's going on? In fact, there are many reasons for abdominal pain after sex. Let's follow it in detail.

What's wrong with abdominal pain after a woman's sex? There may be four reasons for this!

Several factors for women with abdominal pain after sex!

First, the factor of catching cold

We all know that most people are naked when they are having sex. Especially during the sex process, because of various posture changes, the abdomen is not covered by various changes. With air conditioning or a fan, female friends will have lower abdomen. Oh, the pain.

Second, allergic factors

Why is abdominal pain after sex? In fact, it may be caused by allergic factors. Everyone's allergens are different. Some people may be allergic to semen, and some people may be allergic to condoms. No matter what it is, allergic abdominal pain will occur when you are allergic.

Third, sex takes too long

do you know? In fact, too long sex can also cause abdominal pain. This is because the pelvic congestion will be maintained for a long time, which will easily lead to the occurrence of pelvic congestion syndrome, which will cause abdominal pain.

Fourth, the posture is incorrect

In the process of sex, they will not always be in the same posture, but will come in various postures. Some postures are preferred by the partner, so they will work hard. If the partner's excessive exertion will cause the abdominal pressure of the woman to suddenly rise, many organs will be squeezed, which will cause lower abdominal pain. Therefore, don't let your partner be too rude, and female friends should not always be a female superior way.

In fact, the editor wants to say that the purpose of sex is to enjoy. If there is abdominal pain after sex, then this sex life is of low quality. If you say that the pain caused by the above reasons, it is best to be timely Make improvements.

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