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Women are too beautiful and more likely to lead to sexual apathy. Why?
In terms of women's sexual apathy, there is a more amazing tendency, that is, the more beautiful the women in terms of appearance, the more likely they are to have such a sexual situation. Is it related to sexual experience?

Women are too beautiful and more likely to lead to sexual apathy. Why?

1. Appearance does not determine sexual feelings

In fact, how a woman looks does not directly affect a person's feelings during sex, nor does it directly affect her psychology. Simply speaking, if you grow up well, you will be indifferent. This is definitely not reliable. Because in terms of physical conditions, physical appearance does not cause abnormalities in physiology and other people. Therefore, even if there is sex, then the sexual feelings that can be harvested will not have much difference. This kind of sex Don't believe the cold error.

2. Good looks and sexual feelings often lead to sexual apathy

Especially in this society, the girls who are more attractive in terms of appearance must be that there are a lot of men around them who will admire and chase after you. If you are more liberal in sex, you will definitely be uglier than those women A lot of sexual experiences, if you have this kind of sexual intercourse too often, you will have a sense of numbness, even if sex is too much for you, there will be no interest and freshness, so you are more ugly Excessive coldness.

3. Do not want to be pregnant and destroy your body shape

If you look good, you will pay more attention to your body shape. The most influential body shape is pregnancy. And no matter which type of contraception may cause you to become pregnant, so those women who are good and care about their body shape are afraid of pregnancy, they will gradually have a kind of resistance and rejection to sex. It can make women have an abnormal bore of sex from the psychological aspect, and this kind of sexual apathy caused by worry is also very common.

So oh, the simple appearance does not make a woman more sexually indifferent. The most important thing is to look at the mentality of the woman.

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