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What should I do if my breasts always hurt before menstruation?
Many women's breasts are particularly sensitive to the onset of the physiological period. Almost a week or so in advance, I feel that the breasts will always have a painful sensation. If the reaction is more severe, it will be the kind of tingling. In the face of such chest pain In addition to relaxing your body and mind, you can also take care of your breasts like this.

What should I do if my breasts always hurt before menstruation?

1. Bathe and massage breasts

When you take a bath every day, you can adjust the temperature of the bath water to a slightly higher temperature than usual. This water temperature is sprayed from the position of the nozzle and directly stimulates your breasts. It will let your breasts in a very short time. It becomes soft because of the smooth flow of blood. Then, seize the opportunity to hold your breasts firmly with one palm, the other hand can use the belly of your fingers to gently press around the breasts, especially when you feel the mass, you need to massage more. This warm water stimulates and massages to ease pain.

2. Hot compress

Buy a small hot water bottle, but don't apply it to the breast immediately after putting in hot water. Excessive temperature will irritate the breast and apply it when it needs to be warmer. Start from the upper part of the breast, and then apply the rest of the breast. After the entire breast has been hot, you need to apply a little bit of the upper part of your chest to the armpit, so that you can be guaranteed. The whole chest and surrounding blood are unblocked, so it won't hurt.

3. Don't eat irritating food

Women are super sensitive before the menstrual period comes. To keep your breasts from hurting, you need to control your mouth. Among them, do not let your mouth eat food containing caffeine. In addition, it is cold. Do not eat sexual cold foods, especially for women who like spicy and spicy taste, you need to avoid eating about a week in advance. At this time, eating too stimulating, then, the first stimulus is your breasts, as long as Don't eat it, the breast pain will weaken or disappear directly.

In addition to those breast diseases, premenstrual breast pain is caused by your more sensitive physiological response, so you need to try these simpler and available relief methods.

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