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What are the dangers of women's excessive sex?
Husband and wife's sex life is good for the two, but everything needs to be suitable. What happens if the sex life is excessive? In fact, it may cause physical deterioration, and also cause fatigue of the sexual organs and other problems. Let ’s follow the editor in detail to understand.

What are the dangers of women's excessive sex?

First, my constitution is not good

When female friends are passionate about sex, it will cause great physical exhaustion, and often excessive physical exhaustion will cause physical decline, so your spirit and memory will be affected.

Second, organ fatigue

Too much sex life can cause female sex organs to become overtired, so this will increase the burden on sex organs and easily cause the organs to decline in function.

Third, partner disorder

I believe everyone has heard that farming is not bad, but farmers can. Excessive sexual life will also make female friends enjoy sexual blessings for too short a time, so partners have already suffered from sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation, and naturally cannot nourish women.

Fourth, back pain

I believe that most people will have backache after sex. In fact, this is because female friends will make the pelvic cavity congested when they have sex. Frequently this will cause pelvic stagnation. This symptom will accompany the backache.

Fifth, enjoyment declines

For women, sex is for enjoyment. Every time I want to have better enjoyment, but when you are oversexual, you will find that the more you continue to do it, the more dissatisfied you will be, especially several times a night. Over time, it will cause psychological effects, always worrying about their failure to cause psychological obstacles.

In fact, I want to say that excessive sexual life affects both men and women. Sexuality is long-term. Don't play it bad in the early stages. Friends who can't help but think about what harm can be caused by excessive. Xiaobian suggested that sexual life does not need to be frequent, about forty minutes each time, not too many times a week, generally two or three times is already the limit.

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