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How can a woman make her vagina tighter? Learn these four methods!
Many women in life should have vaginal relaxation due to factors such as sex or postpartum. It will affect the nature and susceptibility and premature aging. Therefore, vaginal tightening has become the goal of many people. Then you know how to make vagina Is it austerity? In fact, the method is very simple and many, so let ’s briefly introduce some tricks.

How can a woman make her vagina tighter? Learn these four methods!

First, urinary austerity

What should I do if my vagina is too loose? I can tighten one more step when urinating. When your editor was halfway peeing, he consciously stopped and paused for a few seconds to continue urinating. In fact, this is mainly to exercise the muscle tension near the vagina.

Second, surgical shrinkage

In fact, friends who want vaginal tightening can choose to achieve it through surgery, but Xiaobian reminded to fully communicate with the doctor before choosing the surgical method. Generally, the mucosa in the vagina is directly removed and sutured to achieve tightening. Effect. In order to avoid infections after surgery, sexual life must be banned for a month, and some drugs are needed to regulate it.

Third, supine massage

The first step is to prepare a yoga mat and lie on it with your knees separated, and your hands and feet facing each other. Then place your hands inside the thighs and start massaging. Keep in mind that the movements should be softer during massage, which is good for vaginal tension.

Fourth, bedside exercise

The first is to sit by the bed, and then lie down flat with your hands close to the bed. Your legs are slowly lifted and suspended in the air. Your hands are holding the legs for 20 seconds, and then you slowly recover. Repeat this action daily to tighten the vagina.

In fact, I want to say that vaginal relaxation occurs in many women, and after relaxation, it affects the quality of sexual life between husband and wife, and women also have premature aging, so the above methods of vaginal tightening may wish to try more They can help you restore the relaxed vagina to the way it was when you were eighteen years old. Let men watch the spring waves and be entwined around you every day.

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