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Does having sex during menstruation cause pregnancy?
Sexual desire can't be stopped, so many people also have sex during menstruation. So what about being vigilant about sex? What are the dangers? Will it be affected by netizens? Pregnancy? It is estimated that many girls want to know, then let's learn about some of the menstrual sex.

Does having sex during menstruation cause pregnancy?

Will sex during menstruation affect pregnancy?

Many people in life are talking about whether they can have sex during menstruation. In fact, it is best not to, because women's immunity during the menstrual period is very weak, inflammation is easy to find, and it may affect pregnancy or extend your period So it is best not to have sex.

What harm can be caused by having sex during menstruation?

First, infertility

In fact, the probability of menstrual pregnancy is very small, but it will also cause infertility. Therefore, the contraction of the uterus during sex can cause the endometrium to be damaged. When the sperm reaches the damaged mouth, it may directly enter the blood, which produces antibodies, and infertility will occur.

Second, the emergence of gynecological inflammation

Xiaobian dare to say that if you have sex during menstruation, then some common gynecological inflammation will entangle you, such as endometritis, vaginitis and accessory inflammation, etc. I think most women do not want to see .

Third, the menstrual period is extended

Menstrual sex friends may cause a series of symptoms such as prolonged menstrual periods, because women's endometrium is in a state of shedding during menstruation, and genitals will be inflated during sex, so menstrual blood will begin to increase, The appearance of pain will extend the period.

The above are the things about sex during menstruation. The editor wants to say that the menstruation will actually pass soon, and wait for three days after menstruation to enjoy it. Of course, if you really have sex during your menstrual period, then you must do the cleaning work afterwards, and take some anti-inflammatory drugs appropriately. When you feel uncomfortable, go to the doctor directly. Finally, the editor still reminds that it is best not to have sex during menstruation.

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