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Common side effects of birth control pills, especially after sex, are more damaging to the body!
Birth control pills are drugs that prevent women from having sex during pregnancy. There are many types of this medicine, such as short-acting and long-acting, such as emergency. Note that the side effects of contraceptives can be quite a lot, especially the one taken after the same room, so it is not recommended to eat it often.

Common side effects of birth control pills, especially after sex, are more damaging to the body!

Common side effects of birth control pills.

1.Dizziness and fatigue

The contraceptive pill taken after the same room contains very high estrogen. Some people will feel dizzy and weak after taking it. So, ask women to take fewer emergency contraceptives afterwards.

2. Eggs become inactive

The emergency contraceptive pills taken afterwards have the contraceptive effect, because after taking this medicine, it will interfere with the secretion of hormones in the body, inhibit ovulation, and then affect the implantation of fertilized eggs. It also blocks the entry of sperm into the womb. If taken for a long time, it will reduce the activity of the egg.

3. Make women grow older

The emergency contraceptive pill cannot be taken often. It is already enough to take it three or two times a year. No matter how much, the endocrine balance of the body will be broken. Slowly your skin will become worse and your hair will gradually turn yellow. The speed of aging.

The best contraceptive method

The non-harmful method of contraception is a condom. This one is for men and women, depending on how women choose. However, in general, there are relatively few examples of female condoms in life, and it is generally for men to wear condoms.

Why is a condom the best contraceptive method? Because this is not a medicine and it has a good barrier effect. During the intercourse, the ejected semen will not enter the vagina and there is no risk of conception. Of course, the premise is that the man needs to cover the whole process, so that the blocking effect can be 100%. In addition, the quality of the condom must pass, and it cannot be punctured, otherwise semen will leak out, then the pregnancy may be successful, resulting in an unexpected pregnancy.

In short, compared to taking contraceptives, Xiaobian still recommends wearing a condom, because contraceptives are also medicines, and it is easy to accumulate toxins and damage health.

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