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What to do if I feel headache during menstruation? Recommend five ways to relieve pain!
For some female friends, menstrual period is the existence of nightmares, either tortured by dysmenorrhea or plagued by headaches. Then do you know what is the problem of menstrual headache? What should I do? Today I will talk about how to effectively improve the problem of menstrual headache.

What to do if I feel headache during menstruation? Recommend five ways to relieve pain!

Why is there a headache during menstruation?

In fact, most people can't figure out why healthy and healthy headaches occur. In fact, there are many factors, which may be caused by the relationship between diet or mental stress, so if you want to ease, you must start from these two aspects .

How to relieve menstrual headaches in women?

First, comb your hair

How to deal with headaches? Maybe comb your hair. Friends who often comb their hair can make the scalp blood flow, which is beneficial to the blood supply circulation of the brain and greatly reduces the pain.

Second, proper exercise

Earlier we also said that headaches may occur during menstruation because of stress factors, and exercise can relieve tension, so it is recommended to usually exercise more often, such as running frequently or doing yoga by cycling.

Third, pay attention to light diet

Relieving menstrual headaches through diet is not the best way. Friends should stay away from spicy and irritating drinks and use a light diet as the main mode to prevent blood vessels from being dilated.

Fourth, sleep well

Menstrual headache friends can have a good night's sleep, because lack of sleep can cause headaches, so pay more attention to rest during menstruation.

Fifth, hot pack

What should I do if a woman has a menstrual headache? You can choose a hot compress to reduce the pain. Dip the towel in hot water and compress it directly in front of the forehead.

What is the cause of menstrual headache? It is mainly caused by diet and psychological tension. When you are ridden, you can consider starting from these two aspects. So how to relieve menstrual headaches? In fact, you can use hot compresses or combing hair and sleeping to relieve them. If you are a friend who is very prone to headaches, you may try the above methods.

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