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There are four kinds of food you can't eat during menstruation!
First, cheese ingredients

We all know that many menstrual women are irritable and irritable, which is caused by the lack of magnesium. Lack of magnesium causes excessive secretion of dopamine, and dopamine directly affects mood, so it is best not to eat such foods, such as milk or cheese, during menstruation.

There are four kinds of food you can't eat during menstruation!

Second, caffeine-based ingredients

Menstrual periods often cause female fatigue, so some people eat coffee or chocolate for refreshment. In fact, this kind of food will not only cause irritability during menstruation, but also cause breast swelling and other problems. Therefore, it is impossible to touch tea or coffee during menstruation.

Third, high-fat ingredients

Menstrual women's diet should be light instead of high-fat. Therefore, a high-fat diet will cause excessive consumption of minerals and affect the balance. Therefore, it is best to eat less lamb or pork, etc. during menstruation.

Fourth, cool ingredients

In fact, you can't eat watermelon during menstruation because it is a cold ingredient. This kind of food will aggravate dysmenorrhea or cause blood clot aggregation, so watermelon and crabs are not suitable for menstruation.

In fact, Xiaobian wants to say that there are many taboos during menstruation. Women should understand clearly. Don't wait until after the attack to say regret. Then the above types of food can not be eaten during menstruation. Do you remember?

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