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What foods do women eat during menstruation that are good for health?

Pumpkin is rich in zinc, which is supplemented by the body to help balance the skin's water and oil. Some women will have a lot of oil on their skin as soon as they reach menstruation. At this time, you can eat pumpkin to help your skin reduce the secretion of oil and keep your skin fresh.

How to eat: It can be cut into pieces and eaten with boiled soup. Or after washing, put it in a bowl and steam it for eating. Or after washing, cut into pieces and cook porridge with millet. In addition, the editor reminded that if the pumpkin is relatively tender, you don't need to peel it, as long as you clean it and cook it with the skin.

What foods do women eat during menstruation that are good for health?

2.Sea cucumber

It is a tonic, which is rich in nutrients such as protein and amino acids, and it is often helpful for beauty and anti-aging.

How to eat: Prepare the right amount of sea cucumber, pork, and onion ginger. Soak the sea cucumbers in warm water, remove them and cut into pieces, then put them in hot water for a few minutes. After that, the pork was washed and cut into pieces for later use; the onion and ginger were washed and cut into sections and shreds separately. After all the materials are ready, wash the pan and put it on the fire to dry it, then add oil to heat. After the oil is hot, pour the minced meat into the pan and stir fry, then add the onion ginger, sea cucumber slices, cooking wine, soy sauce. , Salt continues to stir fry. After the ingredients are cooked, they are ready to serve.

What foods do women eat during menstruation that are good for health?

In addition to eating pumpkin and sea cucumber, you can often eat walnuts that nourish the skin, apples that condition the skin, and so on. Of course, if you want to have good menstrual skin, you should naturally wash your face in addition to eating. For example, you must wash your face one morning and one night, and wash it with hot water first to help open the skin pores. After cleaning, rinse your face with cold water. This is to tighten the pores and help lock the moisture in the skin.

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