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Can I eat ice during menstruation? What are the dangers of eating ice during menstruation?
Summer temperatures are high, and many women like to eat ice to relieve the heat. What to eat usually, as long as the amount is not large, how to avoid it. However, menstruation is not the same. You must first think about whether you can eat it. Some people ask if you can eat ice during menstruation? Of course not, it is very harmful to eat.

Can I eat ice during menstruation? What are the dangers of eating ice during menstruation?

The dangers of eating ice during menstruation

The biggest damage to the body caused by eating ice during menstruation is dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea can be life-threatening. In severe cases, it can make women want to roll on the ground and even faint. The reason why eating ice can cause dysmenorrhea, because eating ice can cause a lot of cold in the body. After the cold air enters the body, it will inevitably follow the blood circulation and enter the uterus. In this way, when the menstrual blood in the womb meets the cold air, it will stagnate. The stagnant menstrual blood is not easy to be excreted from the uterus. In order to expel them, the uterus can only accelerate the contraction, and then there is pain in the lower abdomen, which is the problem of dysmenorrhea.

So, during the menstrual period, women must not eat ice. In these days, you should stay away from frozen watermelon, iced drinks and other frozen things, otherwise dysmenorrhea will find you. Of course, in addition to these, cold foods such as crabs and persimmons should not be eaten, because they can also cause dysmenorrhea.

Finally, the editor reminded that if you do not want to be tortured by all kinds of discomfort during the menstrual period, you must do a good job in health care. For example, keep your body warm, do not drink ice, and do not touch cold water. For example, do not take a cold shower, and dry it immediately after taking a shower. For example, proper exercise, just walking under the bones and muscles, do not do intense exercise, such as height adjustment, long jump, 100-meter sprint run and so on.

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