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Why is bleeding during early pregnancy? There may be these four reasons!
Many people think that after a difficult pregnancy, it will be much easier after pregnancy. In fact, you should be more cautious after pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, the fetus is basically unstable, and a little carelessness will cause miscarriage and other problems. The most important thing in early pregnancy is bleeding. Do you know how bleeding occurs in early pregnancy? What are the specific causes of bleeding? Let's follow the editor in detail.

Why is bleeding during early pregnancy? There may be these four reasons!

Several causes of bleeding during early pregnancy.

First, threatened abortion

In fact, the worry of early pregnancy bleeding is abortion. The embryos in this period have just been in the womb for a long time. At this time, without careful care, it is easy to cause threatened abortion. Therefore, you should pay more attention to rest in early pregnancy to ensure safety.

Second, external factors

Why is there a bleeding phenomenon? In fact, it may be due to external forces. If you did some physical work during pregnancy, such as moving heavy objects. This can easily induce bleeding.

Third, cervical lesions

Early pregnancy bleeding may also be caused by cervical factors. If you have cervical inflammation, such as cervicitis or cervical polyps, then the hormones in your body will become abnormal after pregnancy, which will cause excessive hormone stimulation. Uterus, then the worsening of the disease will be accompanied by the occurrence of bleeding.

Fourth, ectopic pregnancy

In fact, bleeding during the first trimester may also be due to ectopic pregnancy. If there is obvious bleeding in early pregnancy, and abdominal pain is probably caused by ectopic pregnancy, do not delay this situation, go directly to the hospital Oh.

In fact, the first trimester is a very unstable period. It is easy for a baby to have an abortion due to some habits or diseases. If it is said that there is bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy, then you can predict the cause of the blood first, then you can refer to the above reasons, they are the real causes of vaginal bleeding.

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