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You can have sex for at least three days after menstruation!
Speaking of menstrual period, most people understand, especially the girls are very clear. Because menstruation comes every month, many people are asking if it is possible to have sex during menstruation? In fact, menstruation is not suitable. How many days can you have sex after menstruation? If you want to know, go and explore together.

You can have sex for at least three days after menstruation!

Why is it unsuitable to have sex during menstruation?

At first, women's immunity during menstruation is extremely low, because menstrual blood will weaken the acid-base balance in the vagina. At this time, sexual love will easily cause bacterial infection.

Secondly, during sexual intercourse during menstruation, there will be a lot of bacteria in the fallopian tubes, which can easily cause a series of symptoms of fallopian tubes, such as tubal inflammation or necrosis.

Then the symptoms of menstruation will be aggravated. The endometrium is in a state of beginners during menstruation. At this time, sexual intercourse will easily cause irritation, and the amount of menstrual blood will increase greatly.

The last is to cause male urethritis. When you are alert to sexual intercourse, your male genitals will directly contact menstrual blood, so it is easy to stimulate the urethra and induce inflammation.

How long does it take to have sex after menstruation?

In fact, many couples think that they can have sex immediately after menstruation, which is wrong. Just after the menstrual period ends, the uterus is still damaged or broken. At this time, if you have sex, it may directly cause bleeding. At the same time, immunity is recovering, so there is still a risk of infection. How long after that can we have sex? In fact, just wait a couple of days. When the blood vessels in the uterine surface are repaired, sex can begin.

In fact, ninety-nine percent of people who ban sex during menstruation can do it, but after menstruation, many people suffer. The editor wanted to say that rushing to sexual life as soon as menstruation stops can easily damage women's health, so you only need to wait for two or three days before you can enjoy sex well. Now do you know how long it takes to have sex after menstruation? Remember to wait two or three days after your period is clean.

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