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Three ways to improve a woman's sexual apathy!
Many women are a bit repulsive or even feel disgusted with sex after marriage. This is actually apathy. What about the woman's coldness? Sexual coldness not only has her own health, but also affects the relationship between the couple and the harmony of the family. Therefore, you should pay more attention to the improvement of sexual apathy, then the following introduces several methods to improve sexual apathy to improve the quality of sex.

Three ways to improve a woman's sexual apathy!

What to do if a woman is cold?

These methods can improve a woman's sexual apathy!

First, more trust

In fact, more than 60% of patients with sexual apathy are often caused by psychological factors. Some people may be affected by childhood violations or family factors, which leads to psychological rejection of men, and even fear of men. Therefore, if you want to improve sexual apathy, you should trust more. Since you will marry him, you should trust him with all your heart.

Second, communicate more

For a woman with psychological difficulties, as a husband, she should actively guide and help her eliminate or overcome psychological obstacles. Therefore, the husband and wife can communicate more actively before, the husband should pay more attention to love and company. Not only spiritual encouragement, but also actual love, so that patients with apathy can open their hearts.

Third, improve the quality of sex

Most women's sexual indifference is caused by dissatisfaction with their own sex. If long-term is in a state of sexual dissatisfaction, for example, sexual desire has just ended, or long-term sex has not been experienced The pleasure of orgasm, then the cold consciousness will become stronger and stronger. Therefore, both sides should actively improve the enjoyment of sex. Men can do enough homework, find more women's sensitive points, and do enough foreplay. Women themselves can explore where they can arouse sexual desire.

In fact, what should I do if a woman is cold? It is recommended to try these areas. Multi-point communication Multi-point communication, usually learn the skills of sex, then sexual apathy will gradually disappear, and replaced by the enjoyment of sex.

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