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How many times a week does a healthy sex life become normal?
How many times a week do you think sexual life is normal? Everyone has a different understanding of sex. Some people are eager to have sex every day, and some people are just paying rations. How many times is it the best and most suitable? Let's talk briefly today.

How many times a week does a healthy sex life become normal?

How many times a week is a healthy sex life?

In fact, everyone's sexual desire is different, but too much sex life can also cause great harm to the body, so it is necessary to control sexual desire a week. How many times a week is a healthy sex life? In fact, the number of people of different ages is different. When you are from the age of 20 to 30, you can have sex about three times a week, because sexual desire in this age group is stronger, so it will be more; when you are out of 31 From the age of 40 to 40, it is best to be twice a week; when you are from the age of 41 to 51, you can keep it once a week, and do not exceed six times a month. .

This is a healthy sex life, but some people don't hold back. Often what is the harm caused by excessive sex?

First, it may affect energy

In fact, whether it is for men or women, excessive sex will lead to decreased arm strength or even permanent damage, and sex is extremely energy-consuming, too much will cause lack of energy.

Second, it may affect sexual function

If the frequency of sexual life for a week is too high, it may lead to a decline in sexual function. Both men and women will cause a burden on the sexual organs, cause a decline in ability and even induce disease.

Third, it may affect feelings

Excessive frequency of sexual life may lead to the dissatisfaction and even the emergence of direct apathy. This not only affects your sexual desire, but also affects your feelings.

In fact, if you want a healthy sex life, you should pay more attention to the frequency of maintaining sex. For those with strong sexual desire, you can control the frequency two or three times a week, and you will always control the frequency to make your sex life more perfect.

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