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There are 4 reasons why a woman's tongue coating becomes thick and white!
Many people know that there is tongue coating on the tongue. Generally speaking, friends with normal bodies have pale white coating and relatively pink. But when the body is abnormal, the tongue fur will appear thick. What happened to the white tongue coating? In fact, it may be due to moisture or diseases or oral cavity problems. If you want to simply judge the physical condition, you can look at the specific cause of the white tongue coating.

There are 4 reasons why a woman's tongue coating becomes thick and white!

First: dietary factors

In fact, some people may be caused by diet, such as fruit. Many people use fruit as a staple food at night, and we do not chew as a staple food when we eat fruit. This will cause some tongue coatings to fail to follow the fruit into the intestine, and will only stay on the tongue, gradually Thick tongue coating will appear.

Second: Oral problems

What is the thick white tongue? Or it is caused by oral cavity factors. For example, you have diseases such as molars or plaque. These oral problems can also cause thick tongue coating, so you can directly adjust the oral problems.

Third: Moisture

A friend with too much moisture in the body may also cause thick white tongue coating. This is because the moisture in the body is severely trapped. When the application is improper, the tongue and white coating will appear directly. Therefore, if the friend is too wet, You can eat more dehumidifying foods, such as red beans or barley kernels.

Fourth: sputum

What are the reasons for the thick white tongue? It may be caused by excessive sputum in the trachea. If it is said that your tongue coating is whitish and accompanied by swelling, then this means that too much sputum in the body causes the keratinized skin to not fall off easily. If it is because there is a lot of sputum, then you can usually eat more expectorant foods.

In fact, many people have thick tongue coatings, but many people do not take it seriously, but if you find out the cause, you will know that there is an abnormality in the body. We deliberately treat it according to the symptoms.

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