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Four reasons leading to a woman's vagina dryness!
Female friends' private parts are fragile and emotional, and its degree of moisture affects sex. However, many women are complaining about vaginal dryness, which seriously affects the sexual experience. So do you know why vaginal dryness occurs? Today I will simply take a look at it in detail.

Four reasons leading to a woman's vagina dryness!

First: inflammation

In fact, once a female friend has a gynecological inflammation, it is easy to cause vaginal dryness. For example, vaginitis, mucosal congestion due to inflammation during sexual intercourse, and secretions will decrease, leading to dryness.

Second: endocrine disorders

Many women appear dry in the age of wolves and tigers, which makes her very upset. In fact, this may be caused by endocrine disorders. You must know that after 35 years of age, the body's functions continue to decline, and endocrine functions and ovarian functions are also reduced, because vaginal secretions or the secretion of death hormones will be insufficient, leading to dryness Appear.

Third: love clean

Why does it cause vaginal dryness? In fact, it may be because it is too clean. Many women are very obedient to advertisements, so various lotions are frequently used. However, when it is cleaned too much, the flora will be destroyed, the acid and alkali will be out of balance, and dryness and infection will occur.

Type 4: After giving birth

In fact, most women will experience vaginal dryness after giving birth. This is because the fatigue of the body causes no desire for sex, and it is because of breastfeeding. Therefore, an increase in prolactin results in a decrease in estrogen secretion, which leads to dryness.

The above are several reasons for vaginal dryness. Which one do you belong to? In fact, it is easy to improve vaginal dryness. If it is not caused by disease, pay more attention to cleaning and use warm water instead of washing eggs liquid. In terms of diet, you can eat some food that adjusts endocrine. If it is a disease, treat it actively.

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