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Six benefits of women masturbating!
Do you masturbate? In fact, most single girls have experience masturbating. Many people are ashamed of masturbation. In fact, masturbation is also a way to release sexual desire. Women's masturbation also has many benefits, even more comfortable than men's comfort. Today, I will briefly talk about the specific benefits of women masturbating.

Six benefits of women masturbating!

Number one: relieve fear of sex

In fact, single female friends are extremely afraid of sex, especially when it comes to sex. And masturbation can be used as a way for women to relieve stress, which is conducive to happy sex life in the future.

Second: improve mood

Women's masturbation can regulate their mood. When you reach orgasm, you will release more endorphins and dopamine. These substances can make your mood more beautiful.

Third: Know yourself better

In fact, women's masturbation is conducive to future sexual life. Often, you know which parts are more sensitive. You can guide your partner to explore in future sex, so that your sex is more quality.

Fourth: relieve menstrual abnormalities

In fact, friends who often have dysmenorrhea can masturbate appropriately, because when masturbating, it causes the contraction of the uterus, which is conducive to the elimination of menstrual blood, thereby effectively alleviating dysmenorrhea.

Fifth: Improve sleep

What other benefits does a woman masturbate? It can make you sleep better. In fact, sometimes beautiful women masturbate far more energy than sex, but also have a better sense of experience. And masturbation also allows you to relax your body and help you fall asleep quickly afterwards.

Sixth: Experience the climax

Did you know that there are many women who have not experienced orgasm when they are in love with their partners, and women who are masturbating can better understand the body and can reach orgasm by taking some appliances.

In fact, women masturbation is to have the above benefits, but remember that too much masturbation can also hurt the body. It is recommended that you do not masturbate more than three times a week, and pay more attention to choosing a safe place.

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