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If a child has a fever, how can it be physically cooled? Mother must have four cooling tips!
In fact, children are very prone to fever and cold in any season, especially in the summer when it is very hot and coupled with air conditioning, which causes the number of children to continue to increase. In fact, children's resistance is relatively weak and it is easy to have a fever. What about the child with a fever? The most common thing is physical cooling. As a treasure mother, you should learn some physical cooling tips for your baby's fever.

If a child has a fever, how can it be physically cooled? Mother must have four cooling tips!

First, wipe with warm water

When your baby has a fever, do not worry about taking medicine. Give your baby a warm bath first, or directly wipe a towel with warm water and wipe the underarms and other parts of the head. This will help the body quickly cool down.

Second, more water

In fact, how can a child's fever be physically cooled? Drinking water is the most basic. Even if you go to the doctor, you will be asked to drink more water. Therefore, when the child has a fever, Bao Ma should let the baby drink more water.

Third, alcohol wipes

Alcoholic antipyretics is also a more common method, as long as the alcohol is wiped directly on the body, it can effectively dissipate heat. However, Xiaobian recommends that children who are too small do not use this method, because children's skin is weak, and alcohol can easily enter the blood through the skin and cause poisoning.

Fourth, antipyretic paste

What to do if the baby has a fever? Most Baomao will put a fever-reducing sticker first, which is indeed a good physical cooling method.

The above are the physical cooling techniques that are more suitable for babies. I want to say that there is actually a method of applying ice, but Xiaobian does not recommend this method for children, because Baoma is not a professional doctor. It often causes too long time and leads to the invasion of cold air, which in turn causes the condition to get worse. There is also the fact that most parents do not know that putting a towel on the ice causes the child to be often frostbite, so it is not suitable for the child to have a fever. Of course, if you want to cool down, you can try the above four tips. Finally, remind the child that the first time you want a fever is to cool down physically instead of rushing to the pharmacy to buy medicine to eat. In serious cases, it is better to see the doctor first and let the doctor suggest a treatment method.

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