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Why are pregnant women tinnitus? How to relieve tinnitus?
After a woman becomes pregnant, there are many small problems, such as common morning sickness or lack of appetite. However, there are many pregnant women who will experience tinnitus. Tinnitus not only affects hearing but also affects sleep. Do you know why pregnant women tinnitus? How can tinnitus be relieved? Friends who are preparing for pregnancy come to understand it.

Why are pregnant women tinnitus? How to relieve tinnitus?

Several causes of tinnitus in pregnant women.

First, anemia

In fact, anemia during pregnancy will lead to hypoxia in the cells, which will cause symptoms such as dizziness and tinnitus.

Second, blood

Once a female friend becomes pregnant, her blood volume will increase, and the range of blood pressure fluctuations will increase, and tinnitus will naturally appear.

Third, endocrine

Why do pregnant women have tinnitus? Actually, it has something to do with their own endocrine system. Endocrine will increase after pregnancy, then the increase in hormone levels can easily cause metabolic disorders, and tinnitus will also appear.

Fourth, fatigue

The postpartum body is relatively weak, and coupled with Baoma's need to take care of the newborn day and night, the body will become more and more tired, and excessive fatigue will cause tinnitus.

What to do for pregnant women with tinnitus?

First, diet care

How to eat tinnitus in pregnant women? In fact, you can eat more fruits and vegetables and some protein-rich foods.

Second, massage treatment

Pregnant women can try massage to relieve tinnitus. Just use your fingers to gently hold the pinna and then rub the friction to effectively relieve it.

Third, kidney

In fact, friends with kidney deficiency are also prone to tinnitus. Such people should use the method of nourishing the kidney. Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is closely related to the ear, and if the kidney is in trouble, the ear will be in conflict.

The above are some of the reasons and treatment methods for pregnant women's tinnitus. Xiaobian reminded not to treat tinnitus not only, but the consequences are extremely serious. When you are affected by tinnitus, you should treat it in time, otherwise the baby may be injured So if you want treatment, you can learn more.

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