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What are the dangers of postpartum depression? Treatment of postpartum depression!
Postpartum depression is more and more common for women. This is a disease that must be addressed to the heart. Otherwise, it will easily cause extreme effects and damage the health of the woman. So what are the dangers of postpartum depression? Women, please be sure to understand it and have to watch it.

What are the dangers of postpartum depression? Treatment of postpartum depression!

1. Affects baby's weight and height

Women who suffer from postpartum depression will suffer from decreased lactation, and will not be able to provide enough milk, and the baby will not be able to get nutrition from the milk. In this way, it will affect the growth of your baby's weight and height. In addition, after suffering from this disease, they will become disgusted with the baby, become unwilling to take care of the baby, and even unwilling to feed the baby, and even more unwilling to change diapers and take care of him. This will affect the baby's neuropsychological development, which is not good for the baby's health.

2, easy to produce pessimism

Patients suffering from postpartum depression and severely ill will give rise to pessimistic and pessimistic emotions and have soft thoughts. You may even worry that after you leave, your baby will be left unattended or abused by your stepmother. Therefore, you may have the idea of ​​killing your baby or even take action. For example, when a baby is crying, they do not choose to comfort the baby, but directly hold the baby with a pillow to prevent it from crying. Such behavior is a particularly typical phenomenon of postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression is not only emotionally affected, but the body is also prone to discomfort. For example, they often feel lack of appetite, shortness of breath, chest tightness, indigestion, palpitations, etc. In short, they feel uncomfortable all over the body. Therefore, after giving birth to women, women should be alert to the emergence of postpartum depression. On weekdays, they should communicate with their families, go out for a walk, and relax, which can alleviate depression. Attention, once the problem is serious, please seek medical treatment as soon as possible, according to the doctor's instructions, cooperate with medication and psychological counseling treatment.

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