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Eat more of these five vegetables during pregnancy! Good for your health!
How should I eat during pregnancy? Most people use light green. We all know that if pregnant women do not eat vegetables, they may suffer from constipation and nutritional deficiencies. Then do you know what vegetables are better to eat during pregnancy? Today I recommend several vegetables suitable for pregnant women.

Eat more of these five vegetables during pregnancy! Good for your health!

Eat these five dishes during pregnancy.

First, turnip

Pregnant women must not only ensure the health of the mother and baby, but also do a good job of preventing various diseases. After all, the immunity during pregnancy is too low. Then we can have some radishes. Radish contains not only vitamin A, but also nutrients such as saccharifying enzymes and carotene. Pregnant women can reduce the accumulation of fat and avoid gallstones.

Second, cauliflower

In fact, you should eat more cauliflower after pregnancy, whether it is helpful for pregnancy or postpartum. Cauliflower also contains nutrients that can not only increase detoxification ability, but also help avoid the occurrence of colds. For infants, it can prevent infection of the upper respiratory tract and intracranial hemorrhage. So you can eat appropriately.

Third, kelp

What are the benefits of pregnant women eating kelp, for themselves is to ensure sufficient blood to avoid anemia and the appearance of thyroid. For infants, it is possible to avoid the emergence of pettiness.

Fourth, spinach

Cabbage is also a vegetable that must be eaten during pregnancy. It is not only rich in folic acid but also a lot of B vitamins. These substances have a protective effect on pregnant women. It can increase the supplement of folic acid and prevent pelvic infection or insomnia and many more. However, keep in mind that spinach contains a lot of oxalic acid, so you must boil some of it before cooking to reduce the amount of oxalic acid.

Fifth, Bai Bai

For pregnant women, iron and protein, as well as vitamins and fiber, need to be supplemented, and these nutrients are basically available in lotus root, so it is very suitable for pregnant women.

Which vegetables are better to eat during pregnancy? The above are good choices, not only green but also nutritious. Of course, we must pay attention to a balanced diet.

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