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How does a woman care for her body after an abortion?
Abortion is particularly damaging to the body. If you want the body to recover faster, you will naturally need to supplement your nutrition. So how do you improve after a miscarriage? These recipes are very good. In order to recover the body as soon as possible, you must eat some.

How does a woman care for her body after an abortion?

Tonic recipe after abortion.

1.Drink fish soup

Prepare 2 smaller live catfish, 30G soy sprouts. After that, the live catfish slaughter is completely processed, and then the tap is opened and the catfish is rinsed under running water until no blood water flows out. Then put it in the saucepan and place the cleaned soybean sprouts on the catfish. Then pour in the right amount of cooking wine and water and cover with the stew. Finally, after the fish is steamed, pour some peanut oil and stew for another minute. Drinking catfish soup after a miscarriage can help tonicate and improve the frailty of women.

2. Drink broth

Prepare half a pound of fat-free lamb, and then prepare 20g of angelica and ginger. Then clean the mutton and cut into small pieces or filaments. Then wash and peel the ginger, or put it directly on the cutting board, and smash it with the back of the knife. Then put the lamb slices, angelica and ginger into the pot, add water and simmer over high heat. After the meat is finally cooked, you can eat it with less salt. This soup contains mutton, which can warm qi and blood, and strengthen the spleen and stomach. It can improve the weak body and enhance the absorption capacity of the spleen and stomach, helping the body to better absorb nutrients.

Note that these two soups can be eaten after abortion. Otherwise, it is easy to get tired of eating only one kind, and the nutrition is not comprehensive enough. In addition, in order to recover faster, you should avoid greasy (affects digestion), spicy (irritate the body), cold (affect qi and blood flow) food, so you must be careful in your choice of food. It's also important to note that at the beginning, do n’t eat anything that is n’t enough. It ’s better to eat liquid food such as vegetable porridge. Because the stomach is not good at this time, the body that eats Dabu is not fully digested, but it will cause accumulation and burden the body.

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