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Eczema contagious? How to care for baby's eczema?
After the baby developed eczema, many family members were extremely nervous because they heard that eczema was an infectious disease, so they worried that the whole family would suffer. So is eczema really contagious? How should I care for my baby's eczema?

Eczema contagious? How to care for baby's eczema?

Is baby eczema contagious?

In fact, it is not, the disease itself is not contagious. Unless your skin is damaged and scratched constantly, it will cause skin infection. So it just belongs to the skin infection which will not cause infection.

How to care for baby eczema?

First, stay away from taboo foods

When the baby has eczema, Baomao should eat less food. For example, common seafood such as fish and shrimp and spicy food can avoid allergies.

Second, do not touch the affected area

When the baby has eczema, many parents will feel distressed and caress the affected area. In fact, this can easily cause the affected area to be stimulated and cause the illness.

Third, eat more vitamins

Baby eczema can eat foods that are good for the disease, such as carrot water, tomato juice, and puree with more vitamins, which can reduce skin allergic reactions.

Fourth, drug treatment

Baby eczema also needs to be treated with medication. If you are a mild type of eczema, then topical medications are okay. For example, chronic eczema can be treated with steroid-based ointments; acute ones can be treated with boric acid and other drugs.

In fact, the occurrence of eczema in the baby is very easy to cause the existence of scars and it is easy to frequently occur. The most important thing is that itching affects the baby's sleep and other developmental problems. So how to care for eczema? In fact, the above several methods are extremely effective, especially drug conditioning. Medical treatment under a professional doctor can greatly improve the condition. Of course, you must also do good diet and daily care. what.

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