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How to prepare for pregnancy? What are the ways to prepare for pregnancy?
After getting married, many couples will want to have their own children, so often they will start preparing for pregnancy in order to get pregnant as soon as possible. However, Xiao Bian reminded that different women have different chances of conception. If you have physical problems, you must treat the disease before preparing for pregnancy, so that you can have a good conception. So how to prepare for pregnancy after marriage? It is recommended to treat these three diseases first.

How to prepare for pregnancy? What are the ways to prepare for pregnancy?

After marriage, you must first treat these three diseases!

Disease 1, androgen is too high

Many women have high androgen levels in their bodies. Remember that long-term unregulated conditions can affect women's conception. Because hormone levels are unbalanced, it can affect menstruation and affect follicular development. If women have this problem, often their body hair is relatively strong, and their face and back are prone to acne, and their hair is relatively oily. So, when you have these situations, you have to look at them. If you want to get pregnant quickly, it is recommended to improve the problem of excessive androgen.

Disease 2: Gong Han

Gong Han women often have dysmenorrhea. And when menstruation comes, the lower abdomen is cold, and more blood clots are contained in the menstrual blood. Note that the uterus is warm and cold, and when the uterine cold appears, it means that the cold in the uterus has accumulated too much. In this way, the embryo cannot be settled and grows naturally, which is not conducive to conception. Therefore, women who are eager to prepare for pregnancy, if they happen to have this problem, should use the correct method to improve the cold in the palace and warm the uterine organs as soon as possible. For example, exercise more to help expel cold. For example, drink plenty of hot water to warm your body.

Disease 3. Gynecological inflammation

Many women have gynecological inflammation, such as vulvitis, cervicitis, etc. No matter what kind of inflammation, as long as there is no cure, it will affect pregnancy. Because as long as a part of the reproductive organs becomes inflamed, it will prevent pregnancy, such as vaginal inflammation, and sperm cannot enter the uterus. Therefore, women with gynecological inflammation must remember to treat first before preparing for pregnancy.

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