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What should I do if the baby is not eating? Four tricks for your baby to eat well!
We all know that babies are the most naughty, so Baoma often encounters the problem of babies not eating. It takes at least two hours to feed your baby. So do you know any tricks that can be improved? You know what to do if the baby doesn't like to eat? Here are a few simple tips to solve the baby's eating problem.

What should I do if the baby is not eating? Four tricks for your baby to eat well!

The first trick: start with your child's favorite dishes

In fact, babies also like some foods, and everyone likes different foods. Some babies like to eat eggs; some babies like to eat cucumbers. Baomao can make one or two dishes that the baby likes, and the baby will eat well.

Second trick: involve your baby in cooking

What to do if the baby doesn't like to eat? Let the baby participate in cooking. Let your baby participate in everything from shopping to cooking, so that Bin can cultivate your baby's ability to operate, and the baby also likes to make food by himself.

Third trick: Eat less snacks

In fact, most babies in life just do n’t like to eat because they eat too many snacks. Therefore, parents should control their snacks, and it is best to give them after meals. Never before meals, once you develop a habit, babies Almost never eat.

Fourth trick: food diversification

In fact, the reason why babies don't like to eat is because the food is too single, and the babies sometimes get tired. Therefore, parents should diversify their diets. They can often change the food, and they can also make the food into a cartoon character. Let the baby look and want to eat.

If you look closely, you will find that some babies do not want to eat when facing food, while others do not stop eating. In fact, this is because the baby's needs for food are different. When the baby sees the food he does not like, he will not touch it, and when he sees the food he likes, he will always be noisy to eat. So what to do if the baby does not like to eat, Bao Ma should prescribe the right medicine, first let the baby participate in the production of cultivation intimacy, and then choose some of the baby's favorite ingredients, of course, pay attention to the nutritional mix.

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