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Women who are too obese can affect pregnancy! How to lose weight before pregnancy?
Many women in life are unable to conceive for a long time. There are very few reasons that affect pregnancy. One of them is obesity. If the pregnancy is overweight, the probability of conceiving will be very low, so you need to lose weight as soon as possible.

Women who are too obese can affect pregnancy! How to lose weight before pregnancy?

Reasons affecting pregnancy:

The reason obesity affects pregnancy is because being overweight can interfere with ovulation in the body, leading to a lower probability of pregnancy. And some women get fat because of hormonal imbalances in their bodies. In this case, women may still have the disease polycystic ovary, which affects the development of follicles, making them less mature, or not smooth ovulation. You must know that an egg is one of the necessary conditions for conception. It is naturally impossible to conceive without an egg, which will eventually lead to infertility. Therefore, if the women are pregnant successfully, when they find that they are overweight, they must think of losing weight and control their weight within a reasonable range.

How to reduce overweight before pregnancy?

1. Pay attention to exercise

Many women get fat because of lack of exercise. Therefore, you can lose weight through exercise. For example, insisting on jogging, swimming and other sports can promote the energy consumption of the body, enhance the metabolic capacity, and slowly let yourself lose weight. Of course, this requires long-term adherence, otherwise the effect will not be obvious.

2. Control your diet

Many women love to eat, and when they meet what they like, they open up to eat. Eating a stomach often is not good, because the digestive capacity of the stomach is limited, that is, a certain amount of food can be digested in a day. Eating too much can cause the stomach to fail to digest and absorb food and cause accumulation. At the same time, the intake of nutrients will be excessive. If these unused nutrients are accumulated in the body, they will gradually turn into fat and be stored in the body. Therefore, if you want to successfully lose weight, you need to eat moderately in the future.

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