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What to do if the newborn has jaundice? What can I do to retreat quickly?
When it comes to neonatal jaundice, it is estimated that most of the mothers understand it, because according to data, about 50% to 60% of newborns have jaundice after birth. However, any treasure mother still doesn't like jaundice to appear on her baby, so you know what should be done for neonatal jaundice? What can I do to retreat quickly.

What to do if the newborn has jaundice? What can I do to retreat quickly?

First, understand what type of jaundice is

In fact, jaundice in newborns must first understand the specific categories. If it is physiological jaundice, then this situation does not need to be overly concerned, as long as the sun is more than guaranteed, the camp will soon fade. Generally, the jaundice that appears within a day or two of a baby's birth is physiological, and it will disappear automatically within a week or so. If it is case-based, then the cause must be identified and treated actively.

Second, multiple bowel movements

In fact, the appearance of jaundice is due to the metabolism of bilirubin, so as long as bilirubin is excreted, the condition will decline. Otherwise it will lead to aggravation of jaundice.

Third, phototherapy

What should be done for neonatal jaundice? Parents are advised to pay more attention to the jaundice value. Once this value exceeds 13, then physical therapy is the best way. You can use phototherapy. This method has no side effects on newborns.

Fourth, massage

If jaundice subsides quickly, you can try abdominal massage. Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis by massaging the abdomen of the fetus, which is beneficial to diet and defecation, and can reduce the residual bilirubin. At the same time, massage can also enhance the immunity of the newborn. You can choose to press your palms on the abdomen and massage gently clockwise, remember not to use too much force.

In fact, jaundice can be said that most babies will experience it, but when the baby develops jaundice, don't be too nervous or improper. First look at whether it is physiological or pathological. If it is physiological, pay more attention to diet. If it is pathological, then you need a doctor's treatment. In general, how to recuperate neonatal jaundice quickly, you can try the above four methods.

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