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What is the problem of grinding teeth while a child is sleeping? Four common reasons!
In fact, many parents find that their forehead children will bruise their teeth when they sleep. Do you know that this is a problem? In fact, there are several reasons why children may have molars while sleeping. It may be because of intestinal worms, or it may be due to nutrition. Or too nervous. The following will take everyone to talk in detail.

What is the problem of grinding teeth while a child is sleeping? Four common reasons!

What causes children to sleep and molars

First, tapeworm

In fact, the presence of parasites in the intestines of children may cause molars. The most common is maggots. When the tapeworm is constantly stimulating the intestinal wall, it will cause a conditional occlusion, and the phenomenon of bruising will naturally occur. If the parent ’s child is suffering from molars caused by tapeworms, the best way is to get rid of the worms early.

Second, digestive problems

Why do you have molars while sleeping? It may be because your child eats too much food before going to bed, which causes the digestion of the intestine to keep working. Molars are also prone to appear. Parents should note that if it is due to digestive problems, make timely adjustments and try to eat less two hours before bedtime.

Third, mental problems

In fact, many children will have molars when they sleep after being excited. This is because whether they are nervous or excited, they will excite the chewing muscles, which causes teeth to be bruised during sleep. So parents should pay attention, children should live a carefree life, don't be overly oppressed, at the same time try to calm down before going to bed, do not do too excited things to avoid excitement.

Fourth, nutrition issues

In fact, children are at the stage of development, so they need a balanced nutrition. If the baby has various picky eaters, it will cause a lack of nutrition, which will cause the chewing muscles to contract unconsciously during sleep, and molars will naturally appear. Therefore, parents should try to make their children nutritionally balanced and not develop a habit of picky eaters.

In fact, there are reasons for children to sleep and molars. Xiaobian suggests that you can usually pay more attention to your baby's life. Once the molars appear, you must determine what caused them early. Only in this way can you quickly adjust.

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