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Can I eat persimmons during lactation? Consumption of persimmons!
Now is the season when persimmons are on the market. Many people can't help but buy a bunch of persimmons and eat them back. Is it possible to eat during breastfeeding? There are many aspects of diet that women need to consider during breastfeeding. Can persimmons be eaten? Let's talk about them in detail.

Can I eat persimmons during lactation? Consumption of persimmons!

Persimmons in our impression belong to the image of appetizers and relieve constipation. In fact, pregnant women can eat them. Properly eating persimmons for pregnant women can not only alleviate constipation and keep away from constipation; but persimmons contain some vitamins and tannic acid and other substances, which can protect the stomach and blood pressure and other problems. Be careful not to eat too much, otherwise it will affect the mother and baby.

Constraints on eating persimmons during lactation:

First, don't eat too much

In fact, there is tannic acid in persimmons, which may affect the baby, such as eczema, and it may cause constipation, so it is recommended not to eat more.

Second, don't eat on an empty stomach

Many people like to use persimmons as afternoon tea, but the harm of fasting is great. The tannic acid and pectin contained in it are easy to produce stomach stones under the stimulation of stomach acid, and the stones will become larger and larger, and abdominal pain or vomiting will occur.

Dietary taboos of persimmon

Third, stay away from high-protein foods

How to eat persimmons during lactation? Remember to stay away from some relatively high-protein foods, these proteins can easily form stones with the persimmon's tannic acid.

Fourth, don't sip after eating

In fact, persimmon contains a lot of sugar and pectin, etc. These substances may remain in the mouth. Therefore, there may be potential safety hazards after eating without mouthfuls, so stay away from this habit.

In fact, I want to say that persimmons can be eaten during lactation. Now is the best season for persimmons to be marketed, so friends should remember some common dietary taboos when they want to eat persimmons. Friends can eat properly Persimmon, it's the time to open your dreams, so you are ready?

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