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Can I eat chocolate during lactation?
We all know that the dietary choices of lactating women directly affect babies, so we need to be careful about our diet. Snacks are a common habit among women, especially chocolate is the most popular. Can breastfeeding women eat chocolate? Let's talk in detail today.

Can I eat chocolate during lactation?

In fact, about 30% of netizens think that they can eat it; likewise, 30% of netizens say they can't eat it, and the rest say that they should eat it sparingly. Netizens who think that they can eat have no problem with chocolate, as long as they do n’t eat too much, there is no problem; netizens who think that they ca n’t eat chocolate say that chocolate may affect the baby ’s nerves and affect the maternal appetite. Suitable for consumption.

So, do you think it can be eaten during breastfeeding? In fact, Xiaobian thinks it is possible. Chocolate is a calorie-replenishing food, and pregnant women after delivery are relatively weak, so they need to replenish calories. However, it is recommended not to eat more, so eating too much will cause a series of problems, so reduce eating less.

Notes on eating chocolate during lactation:

First, don't eat too much

In fact, the calories of chocolate are too high, so eating too much can easily lead to fire, and will directly affect the baby's digestion, so it is appropriate.

Second, don't fast

In fact, the amount of fat in chocolate is relatively large, so it is best not to eat it before meals. That is to say, eating chocolate under an empty stomach may cause a feeling of fullness and affect appetite.

Can I eat chocolate during lactation?

Third, pay attention to oral hygiene

In fact, remember to choke after eating chocolate, because chocolate is relatively high in sugar, it is easy to cause tooth decay if you do not choke after eating, so you need to choke after each consumption.

In fact, chocolate is the favorite of most women. Since it can be eaten properly during breastfeeding, you can buy some home. But remember to not eat too much chocolate, and choose to eat after meals, and finally remind you to pay more attention to sip.

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