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Why do pregnant women feel toothaches?
We all know that toothache is extremely painful, especially when you have a toothache during pregnancy. Because pregnant women with toothache will directly affect the fetus, so they can only bear it silently. Then let's talk about the reasons for pregnant women's toothache and tips for relieving them.

Why do pregnant women feel toothaches?

What causes toothache in pregnant women?

First, dental disease

Generally speaking, toothaches are caused by oral diseases, such as common periodontitis or pulpitis and wisdom teeth.

Second, hormones

After pregnancy, the hormones in women's body will increase, such as progesterone or estrogen. These hormones will affect the endocrine, which will lead to some symptoms of teeth, such as gingivitis.

Third, diet

In fact, the diet during pregnancy may also cause toothaches. For example, you prefer to eat sour or sweet, and whether you eat it for a long time will cause toothache.

How to deal with toothache in pregnant women?

First, use MSG

Prepare MSG and warm boiling water. Pour MSG into boiling water and stir. Stir it in your mouth and hold it for two days. It will greatly improve the pain.

Second, ginger

When pregnant women have toothache, they can go to the kitchen to slice ginger directly and place it in the painful position, so that the pain will gradually disappear.

What to do for pregnant women with toothache

Third, liquor

We all know that liquor has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, so we can choose to mix liquor and salt. Put the salt directly into the white wine and stir, then boil it and cool it down and take a bite. Of course, you can also choose white wine and peppercorns, soak the peppercorns directly in the white wine for ten minutes, and put it in your mouth for a few minutes.

Fourth, lilac

As long as the lilac is ready, put it directly in the mouth and crush it, and place it in the painful place. Gradually you will find that the pain gradually disappears, and toothache will not appear for a certain period of time.

In fact, the causes of pregnant women's toothache and the relief methods are all here. I want to say that pregnancy is an inevitable thing, so it is beneficial to know the causes of pregnant women's toothache and the relief methods early.

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