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When is it better to eat folic acid? There are three types of foods with the most folic acid content!
From the beginning of pregnancy planning, folic acid is an inevitable topic. Because most people in our country have relatively low folic acid content, and folic acid directly affects the health of the fetus, folic acid supplementation is also necessary. Then do you know when it is better to eat folic acid? What other folic acid foods are common in life?

When is it better to eat folic acid? There are three types of foods with the most folic acid content!

In fact, every pregnant woman is required to supplement folic acid, and we also know that the best use of folic acid is to avoid baby defects. So when do you think it ’s time to start supplementing? In fact, the period from the beginning of pregnancy to the third trimester of pregnancy is a period of supplementation. Supplementation before pregnancy can create a good environment, and consumption within three months after pregnancy can prevent fetal malformations.

These foods contain folic acid!

First, vegetables

Did you know? The dark green vegetable family also contains a lot of folic acid, so it is very suitable for pregnant women. For example, broccoli, aloe vera and spinach are often seen in food.

Second, meat

There are many meat foods in the world, but some foods are free of folic acid, so you must learn to eat them. It is said that the internal organs of various animals, as well as beef and mutton, are ingredients with very high folic acid content, especially chicken liver. It can be said that chicken liver is the No. 1 in the folic acid world.

Third, nuts

Do you know which foods also contain folic acid? In fact, there are many in nuts. For example, common walnuts include pine nuts and cashews.

Fourth, cereals

Friends who have been thinking of supplementing folic acid since the beginning of pregnancy can eat cereals appropriately. They are very high in content. For example, common rice is brown rice and wheat.

Do you know when to eat folic acid? In fact, you can eat it from the time of pregnancy, but remember that you can still eat it in the first three months of pregnancy. Friends who do not know how to eat can look at the above methods, they are all able to make you eat safely during pregnancy.

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