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What to do if vomiting is severe after pregnancy? Tips to relieve morning sickness!
After pregnancy, some people will have severe morning sickness. For example, you may want to spit whatever you smell, let alone eat. Basically, what you eat and spit, nothing left. Going on like this is not good for the health of both the pregnant woman and the fetus, so what to do if the pregnancy is severe? Of course, it is to know the techniques to relieve morning sickness.

What to do if vomiting is severe after pregnancy? Tips to relieve morning sickness!

How to deal with severe vomiting during pregnancy?

First, go to sleep and eat something

When many pregnant women get up early the next morning, morning sickness is particularly serious, and they basically start to vomit when they go to bed together. Because it is fasting when you get up, and fasting is more likely to cause nausea. Therefore, before going to sleep at night, it is recommended to eat toast, drink a cup of hot milk and the like. This way you can padded your belly to avoid empty stomachs the next day.

Second, moderate exercise

Many women become lazy when they become pregnant, so most of them are sleeping and inactive. This is not good. As long as the fetus is healthy, you should move your limbs appropriately. You don't need to say a lot of exercise, just get up and walk. Such simple activities of the lower limbs can speed up the body's metabolism, help ease the pregnancy response, and improve morning sickness to a certain extent.

Third, distraction

After becoming pregnant, many women are cautious all day because they have no experience. All their spirits are staring at their stomachs, for fear of harming the unborn baby. Too much stress will also increase the pregnancy response. Therefore, on weekdays, you might as well go for a walk and talk with friends. This can distract you, so that you can leave your attention away from the chest and appetite, and help pregnant women play a role in alleviating morning sickness. Especially when chatting with girlfriends, they are often more emotional, and their attention is on the matter of chatting, so they will not think about vomiting all the time.

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