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Mothers who have just given birth can eat five more foods!
After giving birth, a mother can eat to supplement her nutrition or condition her body, but most people are not sure how to eat, and they only know how to nourish as much as possible. How do you think you should eat it? Do you know what to expect from a mother who has just given birth to a child? Here are some foods that a mother can eat.

Mothers who have just given birth can eat five more foods!

First, eggs

A mother who has just given birth to a sea child must not only recover her body but also ensure the secretion of milk, so she needs a lot of protein and iron, and eggs contain these two substances. Proper eating every day is conducive to the rapid recovery of the body and can also promote the secretion of milk. Xiao Bian reminded not to eat more, otherwise it will increase the burden on the kidneys.

Second, nutrition soup

Maternal drinking soup is undoubtedly the most nourishing. There are many nutritional soups in the daily life that can condition the body and stimulate the breast. For example, chicken or catfish soup, beef soup, and trotter soup. It is recommended that the mother can change to drink.

Third, eat some bananas

The most worrying part of a woman is that she has constipation and anemia. Therefore, she should choose more ingredients such as cellulose and iron in her diet, and bananas are one of them. It is recommended that women eat properly after giving birth, preferably at warm water temperature.

Fourth, oranges

Some mothers often experience bleeding during the recovery process. In fact, eating oranges can effectively prevent it. Vitamin c in orange can strengthen the blood vessel wall, making it stronger.

Fifth, drink porridge

Many mothers always suffer from loss of appetite, and their bodies are weak and their digestive ability is reduced, so they need to drink some porridge for conditioning. Porridge has not only cellulose but also a large amount of water, so it is easy to accelerate digestion.

The above are just a few foods that a mother can eat after giving birth, so usually you can still eat banana eggs or chicken soup and porridge, which is good for mothers and infants.

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