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Children have chickenpox, there are four things you should pay attention to when nursing!
Chickenpox is a very common condition in children, and most parents use various measures for early recovery. Do you know what else you need to pay attention to in addition to taking good care of it? In fact, care should be paid to these things after the chickenpox treatment, so that you can quickly adjust the chickenpox.

Children have chickenpox, there are four things you should pay attention to when nursing!

First, stay away from hair

After eating chickenpox, be careful not to eat hair on your diet, such as coriander, lamb, ginger, onion, and pumpkin. These foods will only cause chickenpox to bubbling continuously, making you grow longer Affect recovery, light diet is recommended.

Second, stay away from pigmented foods

Chickenpox-ridden friends should remember to eat less pigmented foods during the care period. Such foods will only cause various pigments to accumulate on the face and eventually cause spots to appear.

Third, reduce travel

Do you know what chickenpox is afraid of? In fact, chickenpox is most afraid of the wind and heat, so when you go out, it is likely to affect the wind or the heat that causes itching. Once scratched, it will affect recovery.

Fourth, eat less hot food

In fact, chickenpox patients need to stay away from hot foods in their diet. Such foods not only have no therapeutic effect but will worsen the disease.

What to do if a child develops chickenpox?

First, isolation

In fact, chickenpox is extremely contagious, so in order to avoid infection, you should isolate and treat it in time. It is recommended to go to school or a crowded place during treatment to avoid causing infection.

Second, do n’t catch

In fact, many people think that it is easier to recover directly from chicken pox, but it is not. When you catch chickenpox, you increase the risk of infection and cause scarring.

Third, proper medication

In fact, some medicines are prescribed when you see a doctor. This is a medicine that is specially used to treat itching or pain in the skin. Xiao Bian suggested that the best medication under the guidance of a doctor.

Parents are most worried about children with chickenpox, but it is recommended not to worry. Pay attention to the above things when nursing, which is conducive to rapid conditioning.

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