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Five tips for nursing your baby's skin allergies!
Recently, many treasure mothers found that red spots appeared on the baby's skin and even the baby kept on catching. A closer look turned out to be a baby allergy. In fact, it is extremely common for babies to have skin allergies in autumn, so do you know how to deal with it? Try these nursing tips.

Five tips for nursing your baby's skin allergies!

Baby skin allergy is the most correct care

First, do not tickle

In fact, the most uncomfortable skin allergy is itching, because most people can't help scratching. The mother must pay attention to this behavior. Such behavior can easily cause the allergic position to be scratched. This will undoubtedly greatly increase the infection, so pay more attention not to let your baby scratch.

Second, adjust the environment

After the baby is allergic, pay more attention to the control of the environment, because the too dry environment is very detrimental to the baby's skin recovery, so you must control the temperature and humidity.

Third, stay away from allergens

What to do if the baby has skin allergies? Look at the allergens first. If the baby is allergic to pollen, it is best not to have flowers at home. If it's because of dust, then the home should pay attention to cleaning. Of course, it is not ruled out that it is pet fur, carpets, gasoline, etc. Xiaobian recommends that you go to the hospital to test allergens.

Fourth, use Artemisia

In fact, in order to avoid secondary irritation after the baby is allergic, stay away from soap when taking a bath. You can choose to have wormwood leaves, boil the wormwood leaves directly in the water and boil them, and wash them in the allergic area, which is good for care.

Fifth, nutritional supplements

How to effectively deal with baby skin allergies? Remember to supplement nutrition. It is recommended to eat less food that is prone to allergies, such as seafood or eggs. It's best to have a lighter diet, especially Vitamin C and Vitamin A supplements.

In fact, parents do not need to worry too much about baby's skin allergies. First of all, they must first find out the root cause of allergies, as long as this can be effectively treated, and you can try more of these tricks in the usual care.

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