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Several reasons why you can't get pregnant!
Nowadays, many people choose to prepare for pregnancy in order to have a healthy baby. This can avoid pregnancy at some unsuitable stages, such as after drinking, after taking medicine, and so on. However, many people are still pregnant for a long time and there is no news, which can't help them worry. Note that there are many reasons why you can't get pregnant, and women need to find out the problem to solve it quickly.

Several reasons why you can't get pregnant!

Reasons for not being pregnant:

First, the body is not healthy

If you want to prepare for pregnancy, the first thing you should do is to check the health condition of the couple. If both people are healthy, it is easy to conceive as long as you arrange your sex life properly. If it is unhealthy, then you need to condition your body first, and wait for your body to interfere before you can have sex. Keep in mind that women can't conceive for a long time. If there is any problem with their health, please call your husband to check, because as long as one person is unhealthy, the pregnancy success rate will be reduced.

Second, too many people in a short time

As we all know, abortion can damage the uterus, etc., and bring great danger to physical health. If there are many abortions in a short period of time, the damage to the uterus will be great. It is used as a place where embryos are conceived. If it is injured, it cannot develop even if the embryo successfully enters. Therefore, if the women are aborted, please take a break for half a year, and raise your body, then consider preparing for pregnancy, so that the probability of success will be high. Moreover, abortion women will become very weak and more likely to get sick. Even if pregnancy is successful, they need to take medicine. Once they take medicine, they will affect the fetus, so it is not desirable.

In addition to these two points, women who are too fat are not easy to conceive. Because of obesity, endocrine problems are easy to cause, resulting in abnormal ovulation. Without normal ovulation, there is less chance of sperm and egg binding. In this way, the probability of successful pregnancy will decrease again. Therefore, women also need to properly control their weight and maintain a reasonable weight range.

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