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Five Tips to Help Your Baby Fever Down!
Fever can always be seen there, especially for children. Fever is easier, and it can be feverish in autumn and winter. Therefore, Baomao should learn some tricks for children to reduce fever, so that children in the family can quickly deal with fever. In fact, Xiaobian has always suggested that fever should not be treated with drugs, otherwise it will affect children. Then you might as well learn how to reduce fever in these children.

Five Tips to Help Your Baby Fever Down!

First, bubble feet

In fact, many people do not use hot water to defoam their feet. Isn't this heating on heat? In fact, soaking the feet can promote blood circulation and help the body dissipate heat. Therefore, Baoma can choose to let children bubble their feet with water at about 35 degrees, and they can have a fever after about half an hour.

Second, wipe with warm water

How can children get a fever faster? Use warm water. Warm water can not only soak your feet, but also wipe your body. This is conducive to the opening of the pores, then the hot air will appear along with the pores, thereby achieving the effect of reducing fever.

Third, antipyretic paste

In fact, children have a fever in their lives, and 90% of parents will choose to post the antipyretic paste first. Indeed, this is a good way to reduce fever. It is recommended that Baomao keep anti-fever stickers at home.

Fourth: add more water

In fact, after a child has a fever, the most important thing is to dissipate heat. How can the heat dissipate fast? Add more water. Moisture can help children expel toxins from the body while also taking away the heat.

Fifth: cold compress

What else can children do to reduce fever? Try cold compress therapy. Dip the towel directly in cold water and wring it dry, put it on the child's forehead, and change it once every five minutes to achieve the effect of reducing fever.

In fact, children's fever often occurs in daily life. The first choice of many parents is to take medicine. In fact, it is recommended that children choose fever conditioning when the fever exceeds 39.5 degrees. If there is no fever to this extent, Xiaobian is recommended to try the above There are several tips for reducing fever, such as soaking your feet or cold compresses and wiping.

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