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My child eats slowly. How can I improve it?
I believe that many treasure mothers are very worried about the birth of their children, especially in the area of ​​eating. Most children have extremely slow meals, just like the turtle speed. It is impossible to eat well without eating for an hour. What should I do if the child is slow to eat? In fact, parents should learn several ways to help their children improve.

My child eats slowly. How can I improve it?

First, encourage more

In fact, most children always take a bite to stop, so parents can actually encourage the following and praise it. Let your child be more confident in eating.

Second, control your snacks

Why do children eat slowly? In fact, most people eat snacks because they do n’t want to eat, so they eat slowly or not. Such a long period of time seriously affects the nutrition of the child, so parents should control snacks, especially not to eat before meals. This will induce the child to believe in eating.

Third, stay away from interference

In fact, many children are playing or watching TV, which will definitely affect the progress. Because in order to let the child concentrate on eating, parents should eliminate all interference, even playing or TV as a bait, so that you can play or watch TV after dinner, I believe that the child will eat at a special speed fast. ,

Fourth, fixed meal times

What should I do if my baby is slow to eat? In fact, as long as the time is set, it will be taken away as soon as it arrives, and snacks will be directly controlled. When the child has experienced hunger or two, he will eat well. Therefore, parents must be "ruthless". Sometimes a little cruelty can improve the eating habits that are still there, why not?

How can children slow down to eat effectively? In fact, parents should not chase after their children, especially do not scold them. As long as you follow the above methods, such as working hard on time or strictly controlling snacks, the slowing of the child's eating will directly improve, so parents should pay more attention to the problem of slow eating.

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