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Where is the baby most afraid of cold?
Recently, the weather has become significantly colder, and everyone has begun to keep warm. The baby happens to be in the developmental stage, so all functions are still mature, so they are also afraid of cold, especially these parts. The mother must be clear, then the following is a brief introduction to the baby's fear of cold parts.

Where is the baby most afraid of cold?

Baby's three body parts are most afraid of cold!

First, the abdomen

Obviously, the baby's abdomen is extremely important. If the abdomen gets cold, the spleen and stomach will also suffer. In addition, there are many cases where the baby's abdomen gets cold in life, which is caused by factors such as clothes falling off when playing. Therefore, Baoma should pay attention to the maintenance of the abdomen. It is recommended that the baby can wear a bellyband or thermal underwear to protect the abdomen, of course, it is still necessary to change according to the weather.

Second: hand

The baby's hand is also easy to catch cold, because the baby's body temperature regulation function is not mature at this time, so the effect of cold protection will be poor. And if the baby's hand gets cold, it may cause abnormal blood supply, so Bao Ma also needs to pay attention to the warmth of the feet. It is recommended to match your baby with gloves in the cold season to promote blood circulation. You can also help your baby rub the palms.

Third: feet

Which part of the baby is more afraid of cold? Both feet are also extremely afraid of cold. The feet are the most sensitive part of the baby. I don't think that the insulation is particularly good, and it is easy to get cold. So do n’t forget the warmth of your baby ’s feet. If you want to keep your feet warm, you can prepare more cotton socks for your baby and buy a pair of suitable cotton shoes for your baby to protect your feet.

In fact, it is very normal for a baby to be afraid of cold. Because the baby's various organs and systems are not completely perfected, it is not enough for cold resistance or immunity. At this time, the new mother should bear the burden of protecting the baby. Baoma must know clearly what parts of the baby are usually afraid of cold, and pay more attention to keep warm.

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