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Before the end of pregnancy, women eat more of these three foods will be conducive to childbirth!
You ca n’t eat anything during pregnancy. This is what women know, because they are afraid of eating the wrong things, which may cause miscarriage or premature birth, and cause harm to their body and fetal health. The editor here reminds that in the second trimester, if you choose the right food to eat, you can promote childbirth. So what to eat in the third trimester to help with childbirth? The following foods are good. It is recommended that pregnant women eat them appropriately. What to eat during pregnancy to help with childbirth?

Before the end of pregnancy, women eat more of these three foods will be conducive to childbirth!

The first, chocolate

Many pregnant women dare not eat chocolate because they are afraid that the sugar content is too high and they will develop diabetes during pregnancy. However, chocolate is recommended to be eaten during the third trimester, just before birth or before entering the delivery room. Because it is a nutrient-rich and concentrated energy substance, eating it can relieve tension and keep your body and mind happy. In addition, it can also replenish physical strength, so that when giving birth, you have strength and strength to avoid increasing labor due to lack of strength.

Second, oats

Eating some oats properly can increase the contraction of the uterus and help pregnant women give birth faster. Therefore, when you have contractions, but have not yet started, don't let go of oatmeal to help yourself replenish your energy and speed up your contractions. In this regard, it is recommended that when you can move around during pregnancy, you may wish to buy some oats in advance and leave them at home. When the due date is near, you are advised to take care of yourself and cook for yourself before giving birth. If the pain has already occurred, but the mouth of the palace has not been opened, you can use oatmeal in a thermos bottle while eating in the hospital while waiting for the production.

Third, kelp

This algae food is very common. It contains a lot of substances that can make the uterus become excited after eating. Therefore, when the due date is approaching, that is, when it is about to be born, you should eat kelp to strengthen the contractions. Let your baby be born faster. Among them, it is better to make kelp soup, because the hot soup will help warm up after drinking, and people will become more energetic. And cold salad, people with poor stomachs have diarrhea easily. If expectant mothers eat this, it is undoubtedly giving them trouble.

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