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Four reasons why older women have difficulty getting pregnant!
Nowadays, there are more and more people who marry late and have childbearing, and friends who marry late will face the problem of advanced pregnancy, and it is very easy for elderly friends to have difficulty conceiving or miscarriage and deformity, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious about advanced pregnancy. Then you know why it is more difficult to get pregnant at an advanced age? In fact, there are several reasons below, so let's take a look.

Four reasons why older women have difficulty getting pregnant!

These reasons make it difficult to get pregnant at an advanced age!

First: decreased ovarian capacity

In fact, with the increase of age, female friends' ovarian capacity will slowly decline, especially the reserve function. Then when the ovary drops, it will affect the quality and number of follicles, which will cause the fertility of high-cold friends to decline.

Second: bad egg quality

Older friends who want to get pregnant need to know their own egg quality. Generally speaking, the level of egg quality directly affects the ability to give birth. The older and the daily bad habits, this will cause the quality of the eggs to decline, thus affecting the development of fertilized eggs and embryos, etc., and thus affecting the ability to reproduce.

Third: sex hormones

In fact, we all know that the endocrine of female hormones is particularly important. Once the disorders are caused, various physical abnormalities appear. A sex hormone in hormones, this hormone can affect the growth and development of the ovary, so too little sex hormone will affect ovulation or even ovulation.

Fourth: insufficient follicles

It may be difficult for older friends to get pregnant because of the number of ovaries. It is important to know that egg cells will continue to grow and degenerate from puberty, and that the number of follicles will decrease after old age, which will reduce the chance of pregnancy.

Many elderly friends now want to have a second child or a first child, and all of the above things will cause difficulties in pregnancy, especially the quality of the eggs or the ability of the ovaries. Come and see, these may be the main obstacles to your pregnancy.

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