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If a woman suffers from four types of diseases! Please don't get pregnant!
There are many couples in life who will check their bodies when preparing for pregnancy. Only when they are healthy will they start preparing for pregnancy. However, some people are getting pregnant without paying attention to the pre-pregnancy check. I want to say that pregnancy is a big thing, and friends who have some diseases are not suitable for pregnancy. These diseases may cause abnormalities in the fetus, such as miscarriage, premature birth or abnormalities. Then let's go and see which diseases are not suitable for pregnancy.

If a woman suffers from four types of diseases! Please don't get pregnant!

These types of people are not suitable for pregnancy:

First: Anemia

Anemia is a more common condition for women. If you have anemia, it is not suitable for pregnancy. Because pregnancy may lead to malnutrition, leading to an increase in anemia. And anemia can also affect the development of the fetus, such as premature birth or stillbirth and slow development. For pregnant women, it can lead to heart failure and postpartum bleeding. Therefore, friends with anemia are best to prepare for pregnancy after conditioning.

Second: Heart disease

Who are not suitable for pregnancy? Friends with heart disease are not suitable. Because if the patient is pregnant, there may be new insufficiency, and then there will be premature birth or placental insufficiency during pregnancy. Therefore, it is best to treat pregnancy before considering pregnancy.

Third: liver disease

In fact, friends who have liver disease before pregnancy are not suitable for pregnancy. Therefore, liver disease has a chance to be transmitted to the baby. Unless liver disease has been effectively controlled.

Fourth: diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that is common in daily life. If a person with this disease becomes pregnant, it may become gestational diabetes. We all know that the most worrying thing about pregnancy is the emergence of gestational diabetes, which can cause premature or miscarriage. So let's prepare for diabetes and prepare for pregnancy.

In fact, Xiaobian thinks that the pre-pregnancy check is really important, it can safely prepare for pregnancy. If you suffer from the above diseases, such as diabetes or heart or anemia, then it is advisable to cure your baby before getting pregnant.

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