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Two major hazards of the wrong way women wear underwear
Underwear must be worn, otherwise the breasts cannot be well protected and are easily injured. Similarly, if you wear the wrong underwear, it will also cause great harm to your body. So what are the dangers of women wearing the wrong underwear? If you do n’t understand, you should understand as early as possible. When wearing underwear at the same time, pay attention to some points and keep in mind.

What harm does a woman wear the wrong underwear?

Two major hazards of the wrong way women wear underwear

Hazard one, drooping due to oversize

The breasts have a certain weight. The larger the cup, the heavier the breasts. It is easy to sag without the support of underwear. Among them, if the size is too large, the cup cannot cover all the breasts, and cannot support and stabilize the breasts. Therefore, it is easy to cause breasts to sag. Once sagging, the breasts are no longer firm and affect the appearance.

Hazard 2: Too small size will squeeze the breast

Some women like to buy underwear that is relatively small in size. Although it can make the breasts look strong and cleavage, wearing them can cause great harm to breast health. Because if the size is too small, the breasts will accumulate in a small space when worn, and the blood vessels and lymphatics in the chest will be oppressed. If worn for a long time, the breasts will be susceptible to illness. At the same time, if you often squeeze your breasts like this, it will also easily cause paramilk, which will affect the beauty of your breasts.

In addition to these two points, Xiaobian reminded that women who wear underwear for more than 12 hours all day are more likely to induce breast cancer. Therefore, pay attention to time when wearing underwear on weekdays. In addition to wearing underwear when going to work and going out, when you rest at home, you should take off your underwear to relax the breasts, and also allow the breast skin to breathe, which is less likely to cause skin diseases. It is recommended that after returning home from work, you can take off your underwear and put on loose pajamas so that your whole body can be relaxed. Of course, this kind of situation is limited to when you live alone or when you have two couples, and when you have an elderly person or a child, it is not suitable.

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