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The essential cure for frostbite in winter!
Frostbite is a problem that many women must face in winter, because they will develop frostbite on their hands whenever they reach winter. So how to cure frostbite? Xiaobian collected several more effective treatments for frostbite, friends may wish to come and see.

The essential cure for frostbite in winter!

How is frostbite treated?

The first: ginger

Ginger can be said to be the baby to treat frostbite, because it can be treated in many ways. You can choose to wipe the ginger directly and wait until the fever; you can also choose to mash the ginger, soak it in white wine, and apply it to the affected area; you can also squeeze the ginger directly and cook it into a paste , Apply it to the affected area.

Second: Hawthorn

How does frostbite cure? Try hawthorn. Roast the hawthorn directly on the fire, soften it, mash it after removing the seeds, wait for cooling, and directly apply it to the affected area. Finally, dry the affected area with fire, and the frostbite will disappear within a week.

The third type: Chinese medicine

There are also many remedies in Chinese medicine that can treat frostbite, such as Guizhi medicine. First prepare cinnamon sticks, safflower, shiso, nepeta and aconite. Five kinds of medicinal materials were directly washed and put into a pot, and the water was directly boiled. After cooling, they were used to soak the patient for half an hour, and then the medicine residue was directly applied on the affected area. You can also choose to take it orally, and prepare cinnamon sticks, white peony, angelica, ginger, red dates and moxibustion and licorice. Wash the Chinese herbal medicine directly into the pot, slice the ginger, and the red dates into the pot, add the water and cook directly.

The fourth type: light white

Prepare onion, pepper stalks, and rind three materials, and then clean the three materials directly and add water to the boil, wait for the temperature to wash the affected area.

In fact, frostbite is very obvious in the cold winter, and severe friends are frozen. If you are troubled by frostbite, then you can try the above several cure methods. These methods are all good and can help you easily eliminate them. Of course, Xiaobian still recommends that prevention is the most important thing.

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