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Panties are yellow, beware of these three diseases!
Underpants are personal items that come in direct contact with private parts. When there is a problem with the body, changes in the condition of the panties can alert women to prevent diseases. So what is the disease of panty yellowing? Xiaobian reminded that when your panty is yellowing, please note that your body may be caught by the following diseases, and you should treat it early.

What is the disease of yellow panties?

Panties are yellow, beware of these three diseases!

I may have vaginal inflammation

When women suffer from vaginitis or a large number of molds appear, the color of vaginal secretions will appear yellow, or grayish yellow. After wearing underwear, vaginal secretions will directly adhere to the underwear, so the crotch of the underwear may also appear yellow. Therefore, when you find that your underwear is yellow and you have pruritus in your private part, please go to the hospital for the first time to treat the inflammation in time.

Menopause is coming

Menopause is a special period for women. If you do not take good health care measures, you are very likely to get sick. Among them, when women are about to enter menopause, the amount of hormones in the body will drop, resulting in an imbalance in hormone levels. Eventually, the vaginal discharge increased, and the leucorrhea appeared yellowish. When they come in contact with the underwear and keep getting wet, the crotch of the underwear turns yellow. Therefore, when you are near the age of fifty, if this happens, you must be alert to the menopause, and take good care of it in advance.

3. Increased blood bilirubin in the body

When the amount of blood bilirubin in women's bodies increases, the body will emit more sweat and other secretions, and the yellow pigments in these secretions will increase. Therefore, when the underwear is exposed to some secretions, the more the amount, the more obvious the yellowing of the underwear. Therefore, yellowing underpants is not a simple matter. You should be alert. When the situation is found and the observation lasts for a long time, it is necessary to seek medical treatment as soon as possible, because many diseases are invisible to the naked eye and need to be tested by precision instruments.

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